Oakland County (14R's - 7D's)

District 5 (RO) - Julia Pulver

District 14 (RI) - William Miller

County Executive (RI) - Vicki Barnett

Macomb County (8D's - 5R's)

District 5 - Commissioner Rob Mijac (I)

District 10 (RO) - Robert Leonetti 

County Clerk (RO) - Fred Miller

Public Works Comm. - Comm. Anthony Marrocco (I)

Saginaw County (7D's - 4R's)

District 5 (RI) - Lisa Prakash

District 6 (DO) - Dave Adams

Mecklenburg County (6D's - 3R's)

County Commission - Chair. Trevor Fuller (I)

County Commission - Comm. Ella Scarborough (I)

County Commission - Comm. Pat Cotham (I)

Wake County (7D's - 0R's)

District 4 (DO) - Erv Portman

District 6 (DO) - Greg Ford

Guilford County (5R's - 4D's)

District 4 (RI) - Kirk Perkins

​District 6 (RI) - Rick Forrester


Dubuque County
​Board of Supervisors - David Baker

Story County

Board of Supervisors - Lauris Olson

Auditor - Auditor Lucy Martin

Hamilton County (2R's - 1D)

County Commission - Comm. Todd Fortune (I)

County Commission (RI) - Denise Driehaus

County Clerk (RI) - Aftab Pureval

Recorder - Recorder Wayne Coats (I)

Treasurer (RI) - Seth Walsh

Montgomery County (3D's - 0R's)

County Commission - Comm. Judy Dodge (I)

County Commission - Comm. Debbie Lieberman  (I)

County Clerk - Clerk Gregory Alan Bush (I)


Hillsborough County (5R's - 2D's)

District 6 (DO) - Pat Kemp

Orange County (6R's - 1D)

District 3 (RI) - Bill Moore

District 5 (RI) - Emily Bonilla

Clerk - Clerk Tiffany Moore Russell (I)

Pinellas County (4D's - 3R's) 

District 3 - Comm. Charlie Justice (I)

Linn County

District 3 - Supervisor Ben Rogers

District 4 - Supervisor Bret Oleson

Scott County

Board of Supervisors - Scott Tunnicliff

Board of Supervisors - Jane Duax

Woodbury County

District 1 -Supervisor Jaclyn Smith

District 3 - Marty Pottebaum​


Electing Democrats to Countywide Office. Winning Democratic Majorities on County Boards. Defending Democratic Incumbents

and Assisting Democratic Challengers. Increasing Minority Representation in County Government.

Sandoval County (3D's - 2R's)

​District 2 - Commissioner Nora Scherzinger (I)

District 4 (RO) - Alexis Jimenez

Treasurer - Treasurer Laura Montoya (I)

​County Clerk - Clerk Eileen Garbagni (I)

Valencia County (3D's - 2R's)

District 2 - Commissioner Alicia Aguilar (I)

Treasurer (DO) - Kendra Kaneshiro

County Clerk (RI) - Lucy Tapi Gonzales




Adams County (3D's - 2R's)

District 1 - Commissioner Eva Henry (I)

District 2 - Commissioner Charles "Chaz" Tedesco (I)

Arapahoe County (3R's - 2D's)

District 3 (RO) - Janet Lee Cook

District 5 - Commissioner Bill Holen (I)

Jefferson County (2R's - 1D)

District 1 (RI) - Marti Smith

District 2 - Commissioner Casey Tighe (I)


NDCO has identified key county races in strategically important counties, in eight battleground states. Listed below are the names of the Democratic candidates running in those key races with links to their websites or Facebook pages. Next to the name of each county is the party breakdown of the County Board. Also, next to each race are the abbreviations (I, DO, RI or RO). The abbreviations indicate the type of race, and who is running (see below).

I:      Democratic Incumbent 

DO:   Democratic Open = the seat is held by a Democrat, but he/she is term limited or lost in the primary, so the seat is open

RI:    Republican Incumbent = the seat is held by a Republican, and he/she is running for reelection

RO:   Republican Open = the seat is held by a Republican, but he/she is is term limited or lost in the primary, so the seat is open


Stark County (2R's - 1D)

County Commission (DO) - Stephen Slesnick

County Commission (RI) - John Mariol

Lake County (3D's - 0R's)

County Commission - Comm. Judy Moran (I)

County Commission - Comm. Kevin Malecek (I)

Recorder - Recorder Ann Radcliffe (I)

Treasurer- Treasurer Lorraine Fende (I)

Kalamazoo County (6D's - 5R's)

District 5 - Commissioner Julie Rogers (I)

District 7 (RI) - Pat Clark

District 10 (DO) - Mike Quinn

District 11 (RI) - Jason Foster

Prosecuting Attorney - PA Jeffrey Getting (I)

Clerk (RI) - John Patrick Taylor

Treasurer (RI) - Sunny Saura Oahu


Volusia County (5R's - 2D's)

District 2 (DO) - Willie Kimmons 

District 4 (RO) - Al Smith

Osceola County (4D's - 1R)

District 1 (DO) - Peggy Choudhry

District 3 - Comm. Brandon Arrington (I)

Clerk - Clerk Armando Ramirez (I)

Forsyth County (4R's - 3D's)

District B (RI) - Trent Harmon

District B (RI) - Selester Stewart

District B (RI) - Bob Stitcher

​Register of Deeds (DO) - Lynne Johnson

Buncombe County (4D's - 3R's) 

District 2 (RI) - Nancy Neels Nelson

District 3 (RI) - Ed Hay

Clark County (7D's - 0R's)

District A - Commissioner Steve Sisolak (I)

District B - Commissioner. Marilyn Kirkpatrick (I)

District C - Commissioner Larry Brown (I)

District D - Commissioner Lawrence Weekly (I)

Bernalillo County (3D's - 2R's) 

District 2 (DO) - Steven Quezada

Treasurer (DO) - Nancy Bearce

County Clerk (DO) - Linda Stover

​Dona Ana County (4D's - 1R)

District 4 (DO) - Isabella Solis

​District 5 (DO) - John Vasquez

County Clerk (DO)- Scott Krahling