Electing Democrats to Countywide Office. Winning Democratic Majorities on County Boards. Defending Democratic Incumbents

and Assisting Democratic Challengers. Increasing Minority Representation in County Government.

About NDCO

The National Democratic County Officials (NDCO) is the official campaign arm of the Democratic Party dedicated to electing Democrats at the county level. The NDCO Chair, Vice Chair and Immediate Past Chair are members of the Democratic National Committee, and the Chair serves on the DNC Executive Committee. NDCO members serve in over 3000 county governments in all 50 states.  

NDCO represents and supports a broad diversity of elected officials from all corners of this nation: rural, urban and suburban. NDCO provides training and campaign support to elect first time office holders, and reelect incumbent Democrats. With the help of NDCO, Democrats are able to run successful campaigns for county office in states all over the country.

NDCO’s Board and staff focus on three primary objectives 1) Strengthening existing partnerships with NDCO’s allies, and creating strategic partnerships with additional organizations. 2) Increasing NDCO's political activity in order to have a greater impact on electing Democrats at the county level. 3) Creating partnerships on key issues by connecting our allies with Democratic county officials.


Road to Blue, Blue Counties = Blue States, is NDCO’s program to directly/indirectly assist Democrats running for county office. NDCO is partnering with the Democratic Party and Party allies to educate, inform and prepare county officials for their own campaigns, and become messengers for Democratic candidates and NDCO partners.


  • Farm Team: County Officials are future state legislators, members of Congress and statewide elected officials. Investing time, energy and resources in electing Democrats at the county level guarantees that the Democratic bench is full of talented and accomplished elected officials, who are well equipped for the duties of higher office.
  • Soap Box: County officials have the ears of their constituents, the media and a platform from which to talk about key issues. Electing Democrats at the County level adds foot soldiers to the army advocating for issues important to the Democratic family.
  • Grassroots Organization: Local elected officials are the backbone of local parties and the Democratic coalition. Without local Democratic elected officials there is unlikely to be a strong political organization in place to help elevate Democrats to higher office, and advance issues important to the Democratic Party and Democratic allies.
  • Budget, Spending and Public Policy: Counties create public policy and control over $500 billion dollars in spending on important issues that include; construction & infrastructure, transportation, education, hospital and health services, the environment, etc.

Electing Democrats at the County Level Matters

Road to Blue, Blue Counties = Blue States