Local Democrats are leading a resurgence for the party. Equipped with fundamentally sound and pragmatic policy solutions that are rooted in the shared values of all Americans, voters have realized that Democrats will be there every step of the way.  

Northampton County, Pennsylvania was by definition a swing-county.  This middle-class class suburb of Allentown has historically supported Democrats at the Presidential level but was controlled by Republicans locally.   Voters flipped script in 2016 and voted Republican at the top of the ticket only to return the favor in 2017 and give local control back to Democrats.  

Now it is on local Democrats to demonstrate the value of transparent and honest government can offer.  

Maricopa County is critical for Democrats at every level. Democrats that stand for something, and actually run on the ballot can win and help turn the tide.  In 2012 five of the six county leadership races went uncontested to Republicans in Maricopa.  Building on the success of 2016, NDCO and local Democrats will aim to occupy every seat after the 2020 elections.  

2016 Cautionary Tale

Local Democrats need to be active.  Democrats dominate the local government landscape in Trumbull County.  Local Democrats understand voters and giving our members a voice within the Democratic Party is what NDCO does best.  

2016 Road Map for Success

Building on 2017 Victories & Lessons from 2016 

Electing Democrats to Countywide Office. Winning Democratic Majorities on County Boards. Defending Democratic Incumbents

and Assisting Democratic Challengers. Increasing Minority Representation in County Government.