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Commissioner Joan Patrica Murphy
On September 19 the NDCO family lost one of our own. NDCO's beloved Treasurer, Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy, passed away from complications due to cancer. Joan was a fixture in Democratic politics and the world of county government for decades. Joan was a mentor and friend to all of us and she will be greatly missed. 

Joan was a loyal Democrat and pioneer for women all across the country. One of Joan's proudest moments was serving as a super-delegate to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, not even a wheelchair could slow her down. The picture of Joan to the right was taken by Joan's daughter on the floor of the Convention the night Secretary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for President.  Below is a quote from the family that personifies Joan's commitment to country, Party and family!
"Her Christmas tree never came down last year. Murphy insisted she would “be there to light it next year,” her daughter said. But even more powerful was Murphy’s desire to serve as a superdelegate for Clinton, the first woman nominated for president by a major political party. “She was there,” Tim Murphy said. “She worked very, very hard to get there. That was one of the pinnacles of her career.”

Tricia Murphy said her mother “really likes Hillary.” But after serving as an early pioneer in the boys’ club of politics in the mid-20th century, Murphy also appreciated the significance of sending a woman to the White House, her daughter said.
So the family put a photograph of Murphy and Clinton in her family room. Taped to it was the date of Democratic National Convention, July 25. And Tricia Murphy said that served as her mother’s inspiration do physical therapy, to do laps around the house, and to follow the doctors’ orders so she could “keep fighting” and witness history."

 We love you Joan and you will always be missed!!