Electing Democrats to Countywide Office. Winning Democratic Majorities on County Boards. Defending Democratic Incumbents

and Assisting Democratic Challengers. Increasing Minority Representation in County Government.


NDCO Patrons Program

The Patrons Program is a program created for Democratic County Officials and supporters interested in giving money to support NDCO. NDCO Patrons will receive insider access to the organization, events and political strategy. NDCO Patron benefits include the following:

  • Monthly Patron Political Update – Information about the following: key county races, profiles of candidates running in targeted races, what NDCO is doing on the ground in states all over the country and what Republicans are planning in key counties.
  • VIP Access to all NDCO events
  • Free access to the following:

​​              - NDCO trainings, workshops and roundtables in states and nationally

              - Webinars and online training sessions to use cutting edge digital tools.

              - Messaging conference calls and strategy sessions


National Democratic County Officials
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