Road to Blue, Blue Counties = Blue States

NDCO has launched a program to directly assist Democrats running for county office called, "Road to Blue, Blue Counties = Blue States. NDCO will partner with state and local parties, and Democratic Allies to help train and directly assist Democrats running at the county level. 

I. Electing Democrats at the County Level Matters

  • Farm Team: County Officials are future statelegislators, members of Congress and statewide elected officials. Investing time, energy and resources in electing Democrats at the county level guarantees that the Democratic bench is full of talented and accomplished elected officials who are well equipped for the duties of higher office.
  • ​Soap Box/Megaphone: County officials have the ears of their constituents and the media, and a platformfrom which to talk about key issues. Electing Democrats at the County level is adding more soldiers to an army as we fight for issues important to the Democratic Party and Democratic allies.​
  • Grassroots Organization: Local elected officials are the backbone of local parties and the progressivecoalition. Without local Democratic elected officials there is unlikely to be a strong political organization in place to help elevate Democrats to higher office and advance issues important to the Democratic Party and Democratic allies.
  • Budget, Spending & Public Policy: Counties create public policy and control over $500 billion dollars in spending on important issues that include; law enforcement, construction and infrastructure, transportation, education, the environment, and hospital and health services. 
  • Workers Rights and Collective Bargaining:  All over the country, state and county elected officials are passing laws denying workers the right to collectively bargain, rolling back benefits and denying workers access to important benefits. Electing Democrats will help prevent attacks on organized labor and the American worker.

Investing in Democratic candidates at the county level ensures that the priorities and principles of the Democratic Party and Democratic allies are affectively advocated for and implemented, and that all citizens receive equal access to quality services at the county level.

II. NDCO Electoral/Political Program

Electoral Goals

  • Countywide - Elect Democrats to countywide office
  • Majority - Win Democratic majorities on County Boards
  • Incumbency Protection - Protect Democratic incumbents in tough reelection campaigns
  • Aid & Assist - Assist Democratic challengers in tough races
  • Diversity - Increase minority representation in county government
  • Knock-off - Defeat powerful Republican incumbents or key Republican challengers
  • Battleground - Work on a race in a county that is strategically important to the Democratic Party
  • Bang for our Buck - Increase turnout in a county that will help the Democratic candidate for county office as well as other Democrats running for office.

The model for accomplishing these goals is very similar to the one used by the other Democratic Committee’s and consists of a three pronged approach:

  1. Partnership & Advocacy - Creating partnerships with Democratic candidates, state/local parties, Democratic allies and NDCO members/supporters, and advocating on behalf of county officials at the state and national level.
  2. Identification & Targeting - Identifying key county races in targeted states
  3. Campaign Services - Providing campaign services to Democratic candidates running for County office

III. Campaign Services

Training:                    Provide campaign training for candidates & their staff
Recruitment:             Assist in the recruitment of Democratic candidates for County office
Direct $ Support:       Direct financial assistance to Democratic candidates for county office
Messaging:                 Provide the latest talking points/messaging on issues being debated in Washington
Talent Bank:              Help County officials find campaign consultants and staff 


Electing Democrats to Countywide Office. Winning Democratic Majorities on County Boards. Defending Democratic Incumbents

and Assisting Democratic Challengers. Increasing Minority Representation in County Government.